Thursday, January 12, 2006

Snapshots of Liberia

VoiceofLiberia PICKS OF THE WEEK:
1. Liberia Stories is blog written by a young woman, Elma Shaw, who is coping with living in post-war Liberia where everything was destroyed during the deadly civil-war. I'm currently in New York, I explore the Internet daily for news stories and life-changing tales about the common person in Liberia.

2. Chris Wreh Writes is a popular name in the Liberian football (soccer) arean. He played with major league in Liberia and the counntry's national team before the civil war. He is currently in Europe and strives to keep in touch with friends and fans. Hey Chris, I am one of your, should I say "old fans". Not really, a fan is always a fan, right. Hit me back anytime.

3. Snapshots of Liberia is a collection of photos from a Liberian in Monrovia. His most recent post was in October, 2005.

Enjoy reading!
The Voice of Liberia


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