Tuesday, May 24, 2005

George Weah and the CDC

Can we say it is a second chance given to Mr. Weah and his CDC Party? Maybe the way people interpret issues does not correspond what the actual facts. The CDC like any other party should be allowed to fairly contest the upcoming general elections of Liberia. This was, was can ensure of transparency and give democracy a chance to florish in this war-torn nation.
Given the CDC experience, there is a clear need to educate people on voter registration and on how to cast ballots, come election day. It is time that the Election Commission begin a massive campaign to ensure free, fair, and transparent elections. The reality on the ground is evident to the fact that the voter registration process got a disappointing turnout. Liberia has a population of more than 4m of which 1m was registered to vote, not counting the thousands of Liberian Refugees still in Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and other countries. It is time to do the job right!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Liberian Election

This time Liberians must be left alone, without manipulation or intimidation, to make a choice of their own in electing the next president of Liberia. People are tired of the machinations of Liberian Politicians. It is about time to give peace a chance!
The Voice